Effecting CHANGE in society, one girl at a time

A one-year leadership program for girls in JSS3 - SS3

At Elara Study Centre, we continue to expose our girls to the reality of the marginalized through the experiences of the Solidarity Saturdays. Every first Saturday of the month from September, 2021, we carried out the 1-1 academic coaching for the children within the Lekki environs who cannot go to school or attend schools with poor facilities. 

Each of these Saturdays has been amazing. The Elara girls were able to coordinate themselves as a team, led by a group leader and prepared adequate material to tutor their peers and other younger children in Mathematics and English. 

At a Glance

Most Solidarity Saturday beneficiaries are secondary school girls who attend public schools with poor facilities and some who cannot attend school.

Recently we identified that we could improve the program by introducing basic computer skills. We identified this gap through interacting with them during the personal academic coaching program. The girls who attend the formative activities at Elara Study Centre identified this as a need and decided to organize a computer acquisition skills session starting in May 2022.

Communities helped
Children taught in impoverished communities
Student return rate
Teachers including Elara students and external mentors

Help us make an impact

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Every penny you donate goes towards helping us open doors to countless opportunities for the girl child.

Message from the Director

It is incredible to see how these series have helped the self-awareness of the girls at Elara. Some of the tips they learnt from the leadership sessions have been applied directly in the Solidarity Saturdays, such as planning, time management and knowledge of temperaments (in the case of carrying out group works). 

We hope to reach more girls, but we are already overshooting our limits with the facility available. 

We are very grateful for your donations and hope to keep counting on your help and support to make the new Elara project a reality to train more girls who can serve as catalysts of societal transformation.