What We Do.

Students Taking Active Responsibility In Society (STARS)

At Elara Study Centre, we continue to expose our girls to the reality of the marginalized through the experiences of the Solidarity Saturdays. Every first Saturday of the month from September 2021, we have carried out 1-1 academic coaching for the children within the Lekki environs who cannot go to school or attend schools with poor facilities. 

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Study Program for Eager Students (SPES)

The daily Study program for Eager students (SPES) for J.S.S 2 to S.S.S 3 girls helps them develop better study habits and time management skills. 

Senior Club

The Saturday activities for students in J.S.S. 3 and S.S.S 3 include 2 hours of study, character formative activities, community service projects, games, excursions, and the STARS program

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junior club

Junior Club

Students in J.S.S 1 & J.S.S 2 can enjoy specially curated activities including studying, a character-building/personality development talk, and fun activities such as sports, cooking, baking, art, craft, etc.

Bamboo Club

If you are in Years 4, 5, or 6 at school we can’t wait to have you join us for all the fun activities we run for the Bamboo Girls!  It’s fun and friendship all the way as you develop leadership skills.


Elara Holiday Program

The Elara Holiday program is an annual program where we take advantage of school summer break to help school girls grow in other aspects of life aside from their academics. The program aims to  foster unity, team work, character, fitness and promises a lot of fun activities.

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Unleash your true potential.

Elara programs are curated to provide participants with personalized all-round education to enable them make free and responsible choices.